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Serviceline Explosion Protection

An alarm system is used in the separator to detect the volume of the light liquid and/or the maximum level of a liquid. This ensures the safe and economic operation of separators for light liquids, also known as oil and petrol separators. The requirements for this type of separator systems has been defined in the European standard EN 858-1. It is a condition for the CE mark and defines the criteria for a device raising an alarm if the light liquid or liquid waste level is too high or the liquid waste level is too low.

The alarm system and the sensors guarantee an increased level of safety, simple installation, and an application-oriented monitoring of oil and petrol separators. The signalling of alarms can be acoustic, visual, transmitted remotely via potential-free relay contacts or via SMS. The sensors of the alarm systems are approved for use in explosive areas of zone 0.

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Labkotec takes over separator alarm system business

Your New Partner for Separator Alarm Systems: Labkotec Oy

Labkotec Oy has taken over the Separator Alarm System business from Pepperl+Fuchs.