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Serviceline Explosion Protection

2000 Series Type X purge system

The 2000 Series Type X Purge System is for use in Class I, Division 1 to non-hazardous area applications or Class II, Division 1 to non-hazardous area applications.

Our Pepperl+Fuchs Bebco EPS 2000 series, Type X purging system is an automatic system that will purge + pressurize the protected enclosure & maintain pressure within the enclosure. The 2000 series system reduces the classification within the protected enclosure from division 1 to non-hazardous. General-purpose equipment can be operated within the protected enclosure. 

  • UL, cUL & FM classified 
  • Conforms to NFPA 496 & ISA 12.4 standards
  • Enclosure volumes to 450 cu. Ft.

Type X systems model numbers - 2000 series

2001A: Class I Enclosure Volumes ≤ 2 ft3 and Class II Enclosure Volumes ≤10 ft3
2001B: Class II Enclosure Volumes ≤ 50 ft3
2001C: Class II Enclosure Volumes ≤ 250 ft3
2002: Class I Enclosure Volumes ≤ 15 ft3
2003: Class I Enclosure Volumes ≤ 75 ft3
2004: Class I Enclosure Volumes ≤ 200 ft3
2005: Class I Enclosure Volumes ≤ 450 ft3