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Discover the 3D-Simulation WiNC for WirelessHART Networks!

WiNC demo version now available

Simulating WirelessHART networks with WiNC
Simulating WirelessHART networks with WiNC

The solution for widely spread large networks is really very simple. Following the motto "simulate more, test less", Pepperl+Fuchs released the new simulation tool Wireless Network Checker WiNC. WiNC comes with two tools:

  • WiNC Modeling for efficient planning
  • WiNC Simulation for accurate simulation

With WiNC you can precisely model your WirelessHART network according to actual plant conditions. The system is based on a mathematical raytracing algorithm for excellent accuracy. Using the tool reduces the commissioning time of your WirelessHART Network and increases your plant availability. Additionally, you will benefit from lower costs due to optimizing the number of devices in the network.

Discover WiNC yourself and download a demo version today!

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Инструмент трехмерного моделирования Wireless Network Checker (WiNC) позволяет визуализировать путь радиоволны.