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Serviceline Explosion Protection

Technology Overviews

Download or order Pepperl+Fuchs technology overviews


Intrinsic Safety Without the Power Limits—DART Скачать сейчас

Did you know that DART increases available power in hazardous areas while maintaining intrinsically safe energy levels? This flyer shows how Dynamic Arc Recognition and Termination technology works. (September 2011, 1.7 MB)

Wireless Technology – Technology Guide Скачать сейчас

The Technology Guide gives you a short introduction to the principles of wireless technology, and communicates helpful background knowledge about the technical and physical connections. (July 2011, 8.8 MB)

 Installation Technology for Safety-Related Fieldbus Скачать сейчас

This reprint gives you a summary of the NAMUR recomendation NE 97 which defines requirements on safety-related fieldbus systems. (March 2007, 2.6 MB)